Ben Harding

Front-end developer at Canva

Tracking Core Web Vitals with Raygun

Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to bring quality signals to help developers create better user experiences on the web. In this post you can find out how you can monitor these Core Web Vitals with Raygun Real User Monitoring.

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Business outcomes and software development

What problem you are trying to solve and why you are developing is easily overlooked when you are busy developing a piece of software. Which is why I joined Brian Okken over at Test and Code to talk about business outcomes and software development.

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More than coding

James Studdard and I talk about you need to learn skills other than coding in-order for you to be a good developer.

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Performance tuning the Critial Rendering Path

Charlie Gleason and I talk about what the critical rendering path is and some common performance improvements to make when improving a web pages time to render.

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Front-end performance bottlenecks

In this webinar Nicholas, Sumitra, and I discuss how we have identified performance bottlenecks, made performance optimizations, and communicated the impact of our work to the wider team at Raygun.

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JavaScript unit testing frameworks

Originally written in 2017, this post reviews some common JavaScript unit testing frameworks and provides a few tips.

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Team lead at Raygun

A front-end development review of 2017

This post looks 9 memorable moments in front-end development in 2017.

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Critial path for asset loading

Understanding what critical resources is vital to knowing how to improve a websites load time. This post attempts to help you understand these concepts so that you can deliver a better user experience.

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Tools of the trade

Take a look at 10 front-end development tools which I could not live without.

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What is browser monitoring and why does it matter?

This article provides 6 reasons why you should have browser monitoring on your website. Very useful if you have ever wondered why it matters.

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